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To sum it up, your retin a cream attitude towards banks should be as follows: banks are essentially shops that make their profit both from the spread in interest rates between deposits and loans, and from various charges on wire transfers, exchange of foreign cash, selling travellers' checks, issuing credit cards etc. And that is it. Banks do not exist to "help", "assist" or "tide over" their customers. Just like any other business, a bank has as its only claim to existence retin a acne the need of shareholders to somehow earn a return on their invested capital. Never tell a banker that he ought to have a "social conscience" or that he has a "duty" to further the interests of local businesses. Such claims should be left to the looters and moochers of the left wing, who believe that just because someone happens to be sitting on a stack of (other people's) money, then he is automatically obliged to lend it out to "deserving causes". Balderdash! IBM has no obligation whatsoever to give away computers free to college students, and shareholders retin a gel would be right to demand the ousting of any CEO or chairman of the board advocating such "noble" ways of wasting the paid-in capital.
Therefore, be prepared to think of banks as mere retin a tools of convenience that will let you write checks, sell you the use of a credit card and receive and keep your funds for you. Then take the next, logical step and retin a wrinkles realize that since banks are often the targets of swindles and scams they need to put certain safeguards in place to make sure they are not duped or victimized. Bonnie and Clyde, when asked why they robbed banks, looked at the reporter micro retin a incredulously and replied: "Well, because that's where the money is at."
Maintain at least one, second bank account in a different bank. Not only is it okay В starters, but also in the long run. After all, someone tretinoin retin a else may just decide to take hostages or put a virus in the computer of "your" bank on the day you have to make an urgent withdrawal or order a quick, necessary wire transfer. Offshore banks are fine (in fact, they're a necessity) but keep a "back-up bank", or two close to where you live - just in case.
All banks pay lip-service to the idea of customer confidentiality. But the reality is far different. In Europe the situation has become worse since 1 January, 1993, when European Community rules on money laundering came into effect. Under the umbrella of seeking to tretinoin prevent the disguise of proceeds of "drug trafficking and other criminal activities", EU banks are entitled to lift secrecy where money laundering is suspected. Financial institutions and relevant authorities will co-operate in reporting "suspicious" transactions. Most importantly, records will be kept to identify customers and their transactions. The identification procedure will be retin a tretinoin triggered if anyone walks into a bank to deposit more than Ecu 15,000 (about £10,000) at one time or makes several cash deposits in what appears to be "linked operations". As of early 1993, a majority of the countries of the EU decided they were not ready for this planned integration. The dismantling of border posts and broader financial co-operation was "postponed indefinitely". But some EU countries are operating this rule. You should assume they all are now.
The prudent capital-preserver spreads his assets in different countries, never more than 10-15 per cent in any one bank. To avoid currency fluctuations, he has maybe 10 per cent dollars 10 per cent pounds, 10 per cent D-mark, 10 per cent Yen, and so on. Plus, of course, a little heavy metal (like gold or platinum) here and there prefers retin a reviews countries with banking secrecy and no currency regulations. Using a banking passport he keeps his assets registered in at least two different names.
Is Switzerland all that it is cracked up to be? Many Swiss banks are wary of tretinoin retin a online pharmacy taking on American clients. Also there is a recent American-Swiss treaty agreement to penetrate the veil of secrecy of numbered accounts and to require banks to retin a online pharmacy reveal information about an account holder if the US authorities demand it claiming that the owner is involved in organized crime. Such claims can be made and they are hard to disprove, either in the United States or Switzerland.

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